On Further Review: Seahawks @ Eagles

It’s nice to see the Hawks start get some distance from the .500 mark. I really enjoyed seeing the defense come up with so many big plays. Upon updating my game log sheet, I found a few things I had not heard elsewhere:

  • This was the first 4 TD effort by our offense this year. We have had 4 TDs in a game before, but only with special teams contributing at least one. This was the first game with more than three offensive TDs since game 3 of last season when we scored 6 against the Giants.
  • I can’t confirm, but I believe the 4 INTs by Seahawks linebackers (1 Julian, 3 Lofa) was a Seahawks record.
  • The Hawks have now scored 20 points or more in 10 of their 12 games and 24+ in their last 6. They only scored 20+ points in 9 games all of last season, They were 7-2 in those games. They are 8-2 in those games this year (0-2 when they score under 20), and 8-1 when they score more than 20 points.
  • The Hawks have averaged 28.17 pts/game in the last 6 games, and have not scored less than 24 in any of those games.
  • Despite the hype about going pass first, the last two games have been among the least productive in the air all year. The first two games of this new offense produced an average of 298 yards passing/game and 7.08 YPA. The last two games have averaged 195 passing yards/game and 5.42 YPA. The pass attempts have dropped the last two games as well. Makes me wonder if Holmgren is trying to protect Hass.
  • The two rushing TDs this game were the most in one game this season.
  • The run defense is struggling a bit. They have allowed the opposing teams to average at least 4.86 YPC in three of the past four games, 0.86 more than their season avg. They have also allowed a TD run of at least 30 yards in the last three games.
  • The Hawks have 6 INTs in the last two games.
  • There was nowhere to throw on Feeley’s last INT. Great coverage all around. He could have thrown it away, but it would have been 4th & 7. Just a fabulous series for the defense again to save the game. None of them looked panicked. Pre-snap, they all were motionless and focused. It’s nice having vets in there.