Power Rankings Sneak Peak

Sitting here in the airport on yet another business trip, I couldn’t help but start looking at the updated power rankings to see where things are falling out. I get the feeling that Seahawks fans are starting to poke their heads out of their holes like groundhogs looking for their shadows. Can we hope? Is there a giant hammer about to come down on our heads that will send us back underground muttering about the life of a Hawks fan?

Well, I can’t answer that question, but I can say that we’re not alone in starting to get our game together. We just won our fourth game in a row (and 5 of 6) and it’s looking like we’re going to drop in my power rankings thanks to Minnesota’s surge. Most shocking to me is that the Hawks are only averaging 7 yards per attempt on offense. These last two games really dropped us there. Almost as shocking is that the Vikings YPA is just a hare behind at 6.96.