My Draft Wish List

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Running Back
The thing I want most out of this draft is a feature running back. There are only two players that really fit that mold in my mind, Darren McFadden and Jonathan Stewart. I actually prefer Stewart because of his mastery of both running and receiving. Most mock drafts have him going about 10 picks ahead of us. I believe a year from now, people will look back and consider him someone that should have gone in the top 10. We could have him for this year’s first and perhaps a fourth-rounder. No-brainer, but won’t happen with Ruskell.

Sleeper: Ray Rice
I like this little Joe Morris clone who runs harder than TJ Duckett at about 60 lbs lighter. He can be a workhorse, and while he lacks breakaway speed, he will get every yard on every run.

Offensive Line
Guard or tackle would be nice. I don’t see how Mike Wahle fixes our line problems. He helps, but we need at least one more player because if we go to camp with Rob Sims or Chris Gray as a de facto starter, we have not done enough. I love the sound of that Albert kid who has been described as a ferocious interior blocker, but is vaulting up the boards as people see him as a tackle as well. I also like the Boston College kid who has been described as having a nasty streak. We really need that on the line.

Defensive Tackle
I would love a stout tackle that can disrupt the interior of the line so our LBs can roam free.

Tight End
I don’t know the tight end prospects outside of what I have read. I’d prefer someone who can at least project to be a blocking and receiving tight end. I do not believe we need a great receiving TE as a rookie this year, although that would be a more useful strength to start with.

Not enough people talk about this position. Seneca Wallace is not our future starter. Or, if he is, expect a series of limited teams. There are a number of strong-armed prospects in this draft, and the Hawks would be wise to bring one aboard. Charlie Frye lovers can now speak up.

I’d like to see a long-legged young kicker who can preferably tackle as well as Josh Brown.

Top 5 Things Ruskell Won’t Do

  1. Move up in the first round
  2. Draft a player that will help us win this year in the first round
  3. Pick a wide-bodied defensive tackle
  4. Pick a highly regarded player
  5. Pick someone with off-field problems

Things To Expect

  1. Moving down in the first round to pick up additional picks
  2. Not knowing much about most of the guys we pick
  3. Being concerned after reading scouting reports of the guys you have not heard of
  4. Adding a defensive tackle that is under 300 lbs who is “gutsy” and “plays until the whistle blows” and “can tend to be enveloped by larger lineman.”
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