Just For Onsides Kicks

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I wouldn’t write a Seahawks blog if I wasn’t a little obsessive, right? After declaring the kicking battle to be the most crucial, I couldn’t help but Google Mare and Coutu to see if either were well known for onsides kicking.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been jealous of teams that had kickers who were gifted onsides kickers. When you really need one, it’s a great weapon.

It turns out Mare is a bit of star in that right. The first article I found was about Joe Nedney’s gift for onsides kicks that he, at least in part, credits Mare for. And then, this nifty write-up, entirely about Mare’s knack for the trick kick.

A quote from this article seems to capture it best:

Mare, the Miami Dolphins’ Pro Bowl kicker, has long been known among his counterparts as the Michael Jordan of the NFL when it comes to making a perfect onside kick.

Wow. I’m not sure there is even a reason to Google Coutu at this point. But, what the hell…

Yiiick. Coutu is best known for blowing out his knee while attempting to learn a new onsides kick approach (probably after watching Mare do it).

Alright, it’s official. I want Mare. Try to put Coutu on the practice squad.