50 yard line on an american football field

I pointed out earlier that the Seahawks run offense and run defense are improved this year. I have often heard that having and offense practicing everyday against a strong defense can help the offense improve, and vice versa. The same might be said about more specific sub-segments, like a strong run offense practicing against a strong run defense helps both units get better. It certainly does not appear to be hurting. None of this is my point, so let me get to it.

Can the opposite be true? I have trouble understanding why our pass defense has regressed so much this year, and then I started wondering…has there been an impact practicing against our crap pass offense since early in the preseason? Does going against Courtney Taylor and Logan Payne everyday really prepare you for game day against Lee Evans and Isaac Bruce? Can you really prepare properly if you don’t have quality opponents?

Something to noodle on…