Quick Reactions: Hawks beat Rams 37-13

Defensive backs take part of their traditional pregame huddle before taking the field for warmups.

Dr Frankenstein would be proud. The Seahawks managed to sew a few spare parts into a formidable hole, and rise from the dead. Granted, that bordered on necrophilia against an unforgivably bad Rams team.

Even so, there are few things as satisfying as stuffing the football down an opposing team’s throats, especially after enduring two seasons of powder puff running. This is a team that didn’t rush for more than 167 yards last season, and not rushed for 253 or more yards since an Oct 16, 2005 game against the Texans when they rushed for 320 yards.

More food for thought:

– Running game redux
If you are the NY Giants, do you stack the line daring the Seahawks to pass with their WR situation? Doesn’t that play right into Holmgren’s hands? You think Matt would like to see 8 men in the box more often? It’s great that we’ve given opposing defenses something to prepare for.

– Left still best?
I don’t know if we had a major mismatch on the right side of our o-line, but I have never seen us so consistently run to the right. At least 80% of our second half runs went to the right, and you all saw how effective they were. Kudos to Chop and Willis. That balance is really important in the long run, and now we get Locklear back.

– Chop Shop
We almost went a record two games without Pork Chop getting injured. He hurt his hammy, but hopefully, it’s nothing serious.

– Courtney Taylor is on notice
Who gets cut when Branch and Engram get healthy? I don’t think it is going to be Colbert or Koren. I don’t think it will be Bumpus. McMullen certainly has outplayed Taylor, so you do the math…

– Being wrong never felt so good
TJ Duckett deserves credit. The guy has proven his value in the last two games.

– Good pass protection
Second game in a row with 1 sack allowed, but the Rams and 49ers have weak pass rushes, so lets see them do it on the road against the Giants.

– Poor pass rush
Outside of the first series, Bulger had all day back there.

– Deion Grant came to play
Grant showed why he is a leader today by playing great against the pass, and contributing a few ringing hits against the run.

– LeRoy Hill. Period.
He was everywhere. Great game.

– North/South beats East/West
With guys like Mo Morris and Julius Jones, I expected much of runs to be predicated on speed to the outside, but today we got the vast majority of our yardage running straight up the gut. That’s good to see. Finding out how we fare against a quality Giants line in two weeks will be telling.