People talked about Holmgren and Mora Jr having trouble coexisting in Holmgren’s final season. I thought that concern was misplaced. I still feel that way. What we might have missed, though, was the Ruskell/Holmgren divide.

We’re seeing that play out in a very painful way right now. Why do we have two placekickers? Because Ruskell wants Coutu for the future and Holmgren wants Mare for right now.

Why do we have both Jason Babin and Baraka Atkins? Because Ruskell wants his 4th rounder from last year for the future and Holmgren wants Babin for right now.

Rumor on sports radio is that Holmgren wants to sign Koren Robinson. If that’s true (which I believe is likely based on Holmgren’s fondness for Robinson), then the only reason it’s not happening is Ruskell.

I think this storyline is just getting started. If things go south, there is potential for the fissure to be grow and become public. I certainly hope it doesn’t happen. Less drama, more football please.

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  1. funballad

    Wrong Hawk,
    Holgrem said in an interview Kent and Forsett were not ready and were waived in hopes they would be able to make it to practice squad. It was planned from the moment they heard about the 2 suspensions. the assumption was it would be easier to save them the second week than the first week. Holmy’s decision. The rest like 2 kickers and the like i agree with you that it sounds like a war in the makings.

  2. hawkblogger

    Ah, but like so many things, it depends on how you slice it. I blame Ruskell for refusing to cut Coutu and/or Atkins instead.

    I guarantee Holmgren does not want two roster spots taken up by kickers.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Hawk,

    Enjoy reading your stuff, I’m a Hawk addict and it’s cool to have another option besides the Trib site.

    I posted this a couple days ago in comments there as well – I think the Ruskell/Holmy thing has been brewing for quite awhile and it’s reaching it’s peak since Holmgren is on the way out.

    I blame them both – I think we could parse who did what all day long, but at the end of the day they are both selfish and wrecking our team – shutting the window on our playoff years in the process.

    It doesn’t help that we don’t have ANYONE in the local media who will ask a tough question.

    Keep up the good work, but post more!!

    – BrianBlades

  4. hawkblogger

    Brian Blades! You’re my favorite all-time Seahawk! 🙂

    Rufus Porter is a close second…

    I think the world of Holmgren. I give him the lion’s share of the credit for turning around a perennial loser franchise. Ruskell has not won me over yet, so I give Holmgren the benefit of the doubt.

    I will try to post more often. Work is crazy and so is my family with a teacher strike going on. Glad to hear you read this stuff.

  5. funballad

    I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed that i had to hide Holmy from the police. He had murdered Ruskell. He told me the last straw was Ruskell trading Matt, Charlie and Seneca to get Forsett back. Please tell me the nightmare is over.

    I agree Brian. Awesome to see you reading this blog. I like it too. Also Hawk I am not in full panic mode i just let my sense of humor hit me before i got fully awake a half hour or so ago.