Ruskell vs. Holmgren Heating Up

People talked about Holmgren and Mora Jr having trouble coexisting in Holmgren’s final season. I thought that concern was misplaced. I still feel that way. What we might have missed, though, was the Ruskell/Holmgren divide.

We’re seeing that play out in a very painful way right now. Why do we have two placekickers? Because Ruskell wants Coutu for the future and Holmgren wants Mare for right now.

Why do we have both Jason Babin and Baraka Atkins? Because Ruskell wants his 4th rounder from last year for the future and Holmgren wants Babin for right now.

Rumor on sports radio is that Holmgren wants to sign Koren Robinson. If that’s true (which I believe is likely based on Holmgren’s fondness for Robinson), then the only reason it’s not happening is Ruskell.

I think this storyline is just getting started. If things go south, there is potential for the fissure to be grow and become public. I certainly hope it doesn’t happen. Less drama, more football please.