It’s been too hectic around here to snap the digital picture of my Koren Robinson jersey and post it here, but you should all know I’m a fan.

I may have the worst jersey luck of any Seahawks fan in history. The first jersey I bought after moving to Seattle in 1997 was #30 Green. That’s right, Ahman Green. My second jersey was for Koren.

In an odd twist of events, I think we’re actually stronger at the WR position this week after a couple more injuries. We never really got to see what we had in Logan Payne and Seneca Wallace. I certainly never saw them catch 80 balls from Matt for over 1200 yards in a single season. Koren has done that.

I’ve seen Koren win against bump and run coverage on a quick slant hot route. I have seen Courtney Taylor lose on those…a lot. I have seen Koren take a 5 yard pass and turn it into a 70 yard TD. I have seen him drop passes. I have seen Matt prefer and trust D-Jack for good reason.

My point is that while it is not all roses, this guy is 28 and makes me excited to watch the game this weekend. His ceiling includes the possibility that he gives us what we lost with Nate, a great playmaker and return man. Nobody else in the WR corps comes close to filling those shoes.

The USC kid we got from Denver is a solid possesion receiver with decent size (6’1″). I certainly would rather have him than Mr. McMullen.

I also liked what I saw from Bumpus. Plus, it’s fun to yell “BUMP!”

Now if the defense could just hold a team under 30 pts…

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  1. Anonymous

    This is Funballad,
    sorry i haven’t been online the last 3 days. I got so sick with the loss on Sunday this is the first i have even tried to read anything Seahawks, Football, or sports. I am happy to see the addition of Koren but unsure of the denver trade. I hope Koren gets back to playing shape quickly and as long as he is hungry to play i think will be a fine addition to the team in its time of need. I hope seneca is back before green bay. I think the idea of seneca playing receiver is out the window ever again. No way the team chances him to unnessesary injury again. Any news if Kent is gonna get a second chance or is that door closed? I still see the seahawks as 10-6 winning the division but the road is much harder the longer the defensive secondary struggles. I am impressed that the offensive line seemed to gel into a quality core and i loved the pressure of the defense but if the secondary doesn’t learn we cannot give up the big plays and still expect to win.