New York, New York

The Seahawks are 1-2. The Giants are 3-0. The Seahawks blow on the road. The Giants are undefeated at home this season. Traveling to the Eastern time zone is like a trip down the rabbits hole. Pass rushers can’t rush, quarterbacks can’t pass, and coaches can’t coach. So why even play tomorrow?

Truth is, a Seahawks win would be the best regular season victory in Holmgren’s tenure. These are the Super Bowl champs who are widely considered the best team in football to this point. Yet, I’ve felt far more hopeless heading into a game, and here’s why:

– This game means way more to the Hawks than to the Giants

– There is no way the Giants are going to take the Hawks seriously. Nobody thinks much of the Seahawks nationally, especially in New York. There is no way the Hawks won’t take the Giants seriously.

– The Hawks are a nearly impossible to scout for this week. Nobody has seen them with their receivers and their running game. Even the tape for their last matchup in 2006 won’t help because we had no running game to speak of. Holmgren doesn’t even really know what’s going to work tomorrow.

If I’m coaching the Hawks, I come out super aggressive. I’m talking onsides kick, no-huddle offense aggressive. Prove to the team that we’re going after this one with all guns blazing and get the Giants back on their heels. This is not the game where we come from behind to win. We need to jump on them right away and then run the ball down their throats.

Some other things to think about:

– There is a ton of focus about our offense and defense on the road, but remember, our special teams surrendered 14 points in Buffalo and constantly lost the field position battle.

– Brandon Jacobs is getting a lot of well deserved attention, but Ward and Brooks both average more than 6.5 YPC.

– We are all excited to have Bobby and Deion back this week, but has anyone checked to see how our larger fill-in receivers blocking have impacted our running game? Should we expect some dropoff with the smaller guys back?

– After a horrible opening game, our pass blocking has improved immensely. Most importantly, we have not seen people come free up the middle. With strong tackle play, a lot of our vulnerability is right up the gut on stunts. Spencer and Womack must stay home and handle the games the Giants play up front.

– Grant and Russell are the perfect safeties to trick Manning into his old ways.

– Hixon, Toomer and Smith are plenty good even without Burress. Kelly Jennings and Josh Wilson will have their hands full.

– Don’t sleep on John Carlson. Having Engram and Branch back will help him more than any player outside of Hasselbeck.

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