Must Listen: Holmgren Interview

Vintage microphone and headphones on green background. Concept audio and studio recording. 3d

For those loyal two people that have read this blog from the beginning, you know I have a man crush on Mike Holmgren. The guy almost single-handedly willed my favorite football team out of a decade long sewer swim all the way to Super Bowl. It’s not only that, though, that has me enamored with our former coach. He speaks to me as a father, a husband, a leader and simply as a man. I’ve also been known to have a little bit of temper myself, so that doesn’t hurt either.

If you have any similar fondness for the guy, I highly recommend listening to this interview with KJRAM’s Mitch Levy. Levy is an expert interviewer and has a sincerely close relationship with Holmgren. They talk about Holmgren babysitting his granddaughter for a week, making her lunches and taking her to Toys’R’Us. I found myself with a huge goofy grin on my face for almost the entire hour. They also talk about the potential that Holmgren may come back to the Hawks in some capacity at some point.

It’s good stuff. Take a listen.