Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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The Broncos roll into town tonight for our pre-season home opener. I used to hate the Broncos. HATE THEM! After they handed us their first round pick for next year’s draft, I’ve grown a little fond. This team is in shambles. They were forced to trade away their talented QB so they could start Kyle Orton. Their top receiver has spent more time with the cops than with his team. In other words, this team looks like one of the worst in football, and their 1st round pick should be an almost certain Top 10 selection.

With that in mind, I thought we could take a really premature look at what kind of players might come our way in the upcoming draft.

Mel Kiper, and his awesome hair, has published his first Big Board for the 2010 draft. Take a look.

The Top 15 breakdown:
QB – 3
RB – 1
WR – 2
TE – 1
OL – 2
DT – 3
DE – 1
DB – 2

Likely Seahawks Top Needs:
QB – Unless Teel proves he is a real prospect.
RB – I’m still pissed we took Lawrence Jackson last year when there were RBs *everywhere.*
OL – Big Walt is nearing the end of his career.
DB – Ken Lucas is on a 1-year deal and Trufant has what could be a chronic back problem

We’ll check in on the draft class and our likely position(s) throughout the season.