Reactions To “Final” 53-Man Roster

I don’t think Nick Reed will need the name tag on his helmet anymore. It’s there, in all it’s glory; the Seahawks 53-man roster. Here are the parts that matter:

1) Goodbye Brian Russell, Hello Lawyer Milloy
The Seahawks likely upgrade their overall safety position with this move. Consider it a bonus, but we’re getting a guy going into his 14th season whose last Pro Bowl was in seven years ago.

2) DD Lewis is gone
I did not see this one coming. Will Herring and Lance Laury showed enough to let the veteran backup go. This likely is due to his more limited special teams contributions.

3) Tru is out six weeks
I was hoping against hope that the pundits were wrong and that we’d see Tru on the opening day roster. Alas, he was placed on the physically unable to perform list which means he can’t play for us until Week 8 (we have a bye in week 7). Travis Fisher has a spot on the team until Tru comes back. We will face Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Jay Cutler and David Garrard without our best DB. Put up or shut up Josh Wilson.

4) Ruskell can subdue his ego
The Hawks made the right move in keeping Mare over Coutu. If they had kept Coutu, it would have been a sign that Ruskell was putting his ego before the team. Instead, we end up with the best player at the position. Nice work!

5) Five is enough
Our most battered position a year ago was WR. We will need to make due with only five on the roster this year. Courtney Taylor deserved to make the team, but injuries elsewhere and undeniable pre-seasons from Michael Bennett and Nick Reed made that impossible.

6) 11 Defensive Lineman…for now
I’m surprised to see they kept Derek Walker in addition to Reed and Bennett. Walker had a strong pre-season, but he seems like a practice squad guy to me. I would not be surprised to see him replaced with a backup offensive tackle in a few days and put on the practice squad.