Scheduling (Un)Fairness

Horizontal American Style Football in high contrast on black

Team A has this non-division schedule:
Home – Indy, Houston, Carolina, Minnesota, Green Bay
Road – Jacksonville, Chicago, Tennessee, Detroit, NY Giants

Team B has this non-division schedule:
Home – Jacksonville, Chicago, Tennessee, Detroit, Tampa Bay
Away – Indy, Houston, Minnesota, Green Bay, Dallas

Which would you prefer?

I’d rather play the great teams at home, and the lesser teams away. Team B appears to have their harder NFC North games on the road (and Indy). I would expect Team B finished higher the previous year and drew the tougher away games.

Wrong. Team A is the Arizona Cardinals and Team B is the Seahawks. Something seems broken there. Set aside the games against different teams for a moment(Cowboys vs Giants and Carolina vs Tampa Bay) and just look at the opponents they have in common. That part of the schedule seems totally out of whack.

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