Folks seem to be finding these formation and play diagrams useful, so I’m happy to throw a few more up there. This is one I’ve seen the Hawks run with big success. If you’d like to see it in action, I first saw it with 5:58 remaining in the 3rd qtr of the Chiefs game. Yes, I still have it on DVR because I’m nuts. The play came on 3rd and 4 and went for 20 yards to Courtney Taylor. A similar play was used on Deon Butler’s TD catch against the Raiders, but it was slightly different.

This play utilizes the popular 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB personnel grouping I expect we’ll see a ton of this season.

1) The play starts with the TE split out wide

2) The TE goes in motion inside of the Flanker

3) The Flanker is first to move after the snap. The TE has a slight hesitation to let the WR cut in front of him. The other two WRs streak upfield and clear out all the coverage with them. The RB stays in to block (Forsett got his pancake of a LB on this play)

4) The Flanker cuts across the field around 10 yards downfield and gets the pass from the QB. The TE has started to cut in behind him, presumably as a secondary option for the QB.

5) Now that the Flanker has the ball, the TE and two WRs turn into downfield blockers, attempting to seal the defenders inside so the Flanker can turn upfield along the sideline.

Click the arrow on the graphic to run through the play