Hawk Blogger 2009 Power Rankings Week 5

The Hawks make a major climb up the charts after their blowout. You won’t see this kind of movement in other rankings as mine are strongly influenced by point differential. That said, popular opinion-based rankings, like those of ESPN had New England ranked higher than the Broncos. I haven’t wanted to believe it, but my rankings have had the Broncos in the Top 4 since Week 2.

The Hawks have two games left against teams ranked higher than them, both on the road (@Dallas, @Minnesota).

This week I’ve added a distribution graph to see if there is any grouping to the rankings. You can click the “chart1” link on the ranking sheet above to see the detailed view. You can see that the top two teams stand out, followed by a group of four that still eclipse the 10 point mark. From there, you have 12 teams bunched between 0-10 points. That’s the scrum. That’s where the Seahawks sit after this past Sunday.