Crazy Ivan

As I read story after story dissecting the Seahawks needs for the upcoming draft, one thought keeps hitting me. When identifying needs, you generally need to assess a team’s strengths and weaknesses. I could not tell you what the Seahawks strengths are at this point. Hasselbeck can no longer be considered a real strength. Offensive line: no. Defensive line: no. Linebackers: not based on last year. Secondary: no.

So here’s a crazy idea. Instead of drafting a single offensive tackle or defensive lineman with our top picks, use both on one unit. Most mock drafts have us selecting an offensive tackle and a QB. I’d rather see us create a strength by drafting TWO offensive tackles, sliding Locklear inside to guard, Unger at center and letting the rest battle for the remaining guard spot. Doing that could lead to an improved running game and passing game, which would also relieve pressure on the defense. Go out and then spend some free agent $$ on a pass rusher or d-tackle.