Brandon Marshall, Really??

Brandon Marshall is said to be visiting the Seahawks this weekend. That is horrible news for every Hawks fan. Not only is Marshall a cancer, that would add challenges to an already sensitive receiving corps (Housh), but it would cost the Hawks some amount of draft picks. The default compensation would be our #6 pick in the draft!

If we surrendered a first round pick for a person like Marshall, it would be a move comparable to letting Hutch walk. That’s certainly not the way to start your new era Mr. Carroll.

I should point out that being opposed to signing a cancer, does not mean I only want us signing choir boys. There is a big difference between limiting yourself to squeaky clean nice guys and going after a guy who has proven to be trouble in the locker room and off-the-field.

Let’s not over-compensate for our good-guy image folks. Say “no” to Brandon Marshall.