Knowing Who *Not* To Select

I’ve been thinking about the upcoming draft a lot lately. I am much more confident about who I want us to avoid than I am about who I want us to choose. Instead of a list of who I’d like us to choose, here is a list of who I don’t:

1) Brandon Marshall
Any use of our top three picks to get Brandon Marshall would be a huge downer. Not only is the guy a cancer, but he’s 26 and due a ton of money. The Seahawks are not a “Brandon Marshall” away from being a Super Bowl contender, so why would we waste the chance to pick a Top 40 player in a talent-rich draft?

2) Jimmy Clausen
Not only have I read that this guy is a punk, but I ran into a friend who played college football in the Pac-10 who told me the same thing. I would take that risk in the 3rd or 4th round if the player has undeniable talent, but it would be a mistake to risk it at the 6th or 14th pick.

3) Taylor Mays
Mays is in a different class than the first two because I’d love to have him on the team, but not at the #6 pick. Nobody is suggesting that the Seahawks would do that, but given his strong combine and relationship with Carroll, it’s not unfathomable.

4) Any WR
Very few WRs drafted in the first round earn that draft position, and the ones that do, rarely do it quickly. I’d rather see us use a 4th rounder on a WR with raw potential that runs reliable routes.

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  1. I fear you may have your worst fears come true. I think at least two of these things will probably happen. Me? I'm just happy the SenCat formation will not be making an ugly return for a 8 yard loss again this year…

  2. Which two? I'm getting closer to wanting us to find our next qb via free agency or trade. Drafted qbs are such a crapshoot. What do you want to see happen?

  3. Clausen is a punk, don't waste a high pick on him? This year's QB class is weak, next year's will be better?

    Heard the identical arguments last year about Mark Sanchez.

    Would this team be better off with Sanchez and not Curry?

  4. You won't hear me defending Curry. I don't remember hearing any character questions about Sanchez, just that he came out early and people had not seen enough of him to be sure.

    I'd prefer not to build around a guy who is a dick. If everyone is wrong, and he is a great kid, then go for it.

    Getting a good QB is just not quite as hard as it used to be. Look how many good young QBs there are in the league. I'd hold my breath if we use the #6 pick on a QB.

  5. There were character questions about Sanchez. He is reportedly rough with women and has his name tattooed inside his lower lip which might tell you something.

    But that's not really the point —

    Sooner or later you have to take a QB. Last year, we had pick #5 and took an LB. This year, we have #6 and folks want us to take a safety.

    Next year we will, hopefully, have a lousy first pick and next year, again, we'll be hearing how the QB class isn't that strong.

    Bradford has had 2 shoulder surgeries and probably won't be there at 6. Clausen will be and we need to take him.

    Either that or build your team around someone else's castoffs, Derrick Anderson, Shaun Hill or Charlie Whitehurst.

  6. Brees was available because he was coming off shoulder surgery. Schaub was stuck behind Vick, Hasselbeck behind Favre.

    Not sure if the numbers include Favre and Brady Quinn or not but I read a report somewhere that 19 of 32 starting QBs were #1 picks. 4 more were high #2s.

    The days of getting a sixth round pick like Brady or Matt and making him a starter are over.

    Yeah, Rex Grossman made the SB and Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer won but those are rare exceptions. You can't build a solid winner, a steady contender without a top QB.

    You can't win in the National Armball League without a premier QB and that means you have to draft one high.

  7. I'd love to read that report if you can find it. It's just what I've been looking for. I actually don't think we're disagreeing that much here, I'm all for using a high draft pick on a good QB. I'm just pointing out that it doesn't have to be our draft pick. Favre was someone else's 1st rounder as well. Saying that people get stuck behind great QBs is exactly my point. For all we know, Charlie Whitehurst is the next example of that, and he would come at the cost of a third round pick (or something equivalent since we don't have one this year). I'm not sold on Clausen. I'd trade three first round picks to get a guy like Locker. Last thing I'd point out is that Mike Teel should not be completely ignored. The guy looked really solid last pre-season.

  8. HB, now that I think about it, the breakdown of QBs by draft round came from a podcast by an ex-NFL scout named Daniel Jeremiah, he Twitters and podcasts as MoveTheSticks.

    If you don't want to goof around with iTunes, go to Go to Audio, then go to 2/11/10.

    I'm not sure that Clausen is the answer. But – I don't think Bradford won't be there for us at #6 and, if we don't take a QB in this draft, that will mean that for 2 years, Seattle has passed on every college QB except for Stafford and Bradford while holding 3 first round picks. Sooner or later, ya gotta take a shot. And what do you do with Matt next year, sign him to a 4 year deal for $25 million and watch him hobble to the bench? Who runs the team in '12, Mike Teel? There is zero chance that Matt is going to play 5 more productive years and he is not going to stay past the '10 season without a new contract.

    Wait for next year and sell the farm to get hometown hero Jake Locker? How did that work out with Brock Huard?

    Is Sonny Sixkiller available?

    Starting QB on an NFL team is the most important position in sports. This is Seattle's last and best chance to get one who can pilot this team for the next 10-15 years.

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