He Played Well In Bad Weather?

the soccer stadium with the bright lights

Pete Carroll and John Schneider did little to soothe fears that the trade for Charlie Whitehurst was a stretch. I counted myself among the more optimistic fans when I heard about the trade, and assumed we’d find out some additional context that made Whitehurst worth losing 20 spots in the 2nd round.

We did get additional context, but instead of some significant insight our front office had into Whitehurst that others did not, we found out that Schneider was impressed how he threw in bad weather during his pro day and that they liked the mobility he demonstrated during his 15 exhibition appearances.

There are now two ways this can go:

1) We find out our front office is superhuman and can predict a QB of the future on minimal information. This would bode well for our scouting in many areas.

2) We find out our front office is amateurish, and is prone to getting fleeced by more experienced NFL teams.

No matter what you think of this deal, all Seahawks fans should pray for #1.