Brandon Marshall on his Way to Seattle

It appears a trade of Brandon Marshall to the Seahawks is imminent. Marshall signed his tender today for a salary he would not play for. The Seahawks are the only team that has even invited Marshall for a visit. Pete Carroll said the Seahawks are “on alert,” just waiting for the Broncos to complete the things “they have to do.”

The question is what the Seahawks will surrender to get him. John Clayton said on the Brock and Salk show today that he thinks our 2nd rounder plus a 4th rounder would be fair. Brock and Salk believe our 2nd rounder would do it.

I’ve written here multiple times that I don’t want Marshall in Seattle. I think there is a difference between a troubled person who needs help off the field and someone who is a bad teammate. Marshall is both. Bad teammates kill teams. But before I go off on another rant, let me admit that if Marshall comes aboard, I’d be much happier if I was wrong about him than if I was proven right.

All that said, what would I be comfortable giving up for Marshall? I wouldn’t be comfortable giving up our 2nd round pick unless we acquire another one, and even if we did get another 2nd round pick, I’d want us to get a third round pick before giving up the additional 2nd. In other words, unless we pick up another 2nd round pick and add a 3rd round pick to our draft, I wouldn’t give up more than a 4th round pick.

People may think that’s ridiculous, but the Seahawks don’t owe the Broncos anything. Marshall potentially the most problematic player to add to a team in the NFL. No other team seems interested. Santonio Holmes went for a 5th round pick, and was a Super Bowl MVP. If the Hawks give up their only 2nd rounder, they will have overpaid for the 2nd time this off-season. We cannot go without a pick in rounds 2 and 3. Can’t do it. Certainly not for Brandon Marshall.

What would you give up for Marshall?