Fanvision Rules! Kudos to the Seahawks

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Season ticket holders were treated to an awesome gadget on Sunday. It’s this portable TV device called Fanvision.

Fanvision, I think I love you

The device allows you to see, and hear, the live network feed of the game from *any* of the cameras they have in the stadium. It also lets you get replay from any of those camera angles instantly. The quality of the video is nearly flawless, and the responsiveness was great. When there is a challenge on the field, the stadium is not allowed to show replays, but Fanvision can. 

Besides the video, it also gives you near real-time statistics for your game, and any other around the league. If you have a fantasy team, you can track your team’s performance while at the game. The device works via UHF signal, so it only is active when in the stadium on gameday.
The predecessor to Fanvision was a product called KangarooTV that cost ~$100 to rent for the season (if I remember correctly). The video wasn’t nearly as good, and neither were the features. 
I don’t know if all season ticket holders got one of these new devices, but I consider myself very lucky to be one of them. If you see someone sitting near you with one, be sure to take a look.