Final Word On Josh Wilson Deal

50 yard line on an american football field

I knew people were upset about the Wilson deal, but it still surprised me to hear it covered throughout the day on sports radio and in various news blogs as if we just traded a key member of the defense for a bag of chips. I am as frustrated by people’s reactions as they are about the trade.

The most common complaint is that we traded a great “playmaker.” Do you know why Wilson made “plays?” It’s because he gambled. For every pass deflection or interception, there were 30-50 plays where he guessed wrong and gave up easy receptions and chunks of yards. And the idea that a guy who has two interceptions last season and a handful of pass deflections is a “playmaker” says far more about the sad state of our secondary than it does about Wilson.

Keep in mind, Wilson had every opportunity last season with Tru’s injury. Even then, coaches wanted him covering slot receivers due to his height. The Ravens already have said he’s their nickel CB to start with, even with all of their injuries.

As far as compensation goes, I can see where people don’t like hearing 5th round draft choice. Since it can upgrade to a 4th based on playing time, it seems highly likely we will get a 4th in return. Compare, for a second, that the price for Pro Bowl WR Vincent Jackson is reported to be a 2nd round draft choice. The Raiders traded for their starting QB Jason Cambell for a 4th round pick. The Ravens traded a 3rd and a 4th to Arizona for WR Anquan Boldin and a 5th round pick. Josh Wilson never has, and never will, make the Pro Bowl. He is unlikely to be a CB in the upper-half of the NFL. He is an unrestricted free agent after this season. The Seahawks had no interest in re-signing him. The Seahawks have no chance of winning the Super Bowl this year, and can afford to trade value now for value later.

If the Hawks had received a conditional 3rd round pick, I’m guessing there were would be less angst, but not a lot less. Rest assured that by April of next year, all Seahawks fans will be happy this deal was made.