It Took Two Seasons Of Wrong To Be Right

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When Pete Carroll announced yesterday that Justin Forsett would be the starter, he may not have realized that he was late in reaching that decision. Two years late, as it turns out. Way back in in 2008, after only two pre-season games, I called for Forsett to unseat one Maurice Morris as the starter. The reasons I put forward were: youth, good after contact, good receiver, plus blocker. All of these things still apply today.

Despite being the most well-rounded and talented back on the roster for two seasons, Forsett was still not favored to be the starter heading into training camp. That led to another post back in May pleading for the coaches to see the light. Back then, many still thought LenDale White would be our starter.

Forsett may never be a Pro Bowl back, and might not even be our starter next season, but he is long overdue in ascending to the starting spot this season. Congrats to Justin on keeping his head down, ignoring the naysayers, and becoming what he always should have been.