Odds’n’Ends – Seahawk Player’s From Vegas POV

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How many yards will Matt Hasselbeck throw for this season? How many games will he play? It’s easy to make predictions, but why put in the effort when our friends in Vegas spend big money analyzing these things from all angles?

The current over/under for Matt’s passing yards is 3000. At first glance, that an easy over right? After all, he’s eclipsed that mark in 6 of the last 8 seasons. Health is the key question there. It was just two seasons ago that Matt played 7 games and threw for 1200 yards.

Who’s going to be our featured running back? Vegas thinks Justin Forsett, as he is the only back on the Seahawks roster for whom they list an over/under on yards (800).

Here’s a real doozy. Who will have more TDs in the NFL regular season this year, Leon Washington or Julius Jones. Simple! Washington. Except, you see that the bet is only valid if both players are on the active roster for week 1. Oh, and Washington is giving 2 TDs to Jones to make it interesting.

Here’s a sample of some other Vegas opinions of note:

  • Over/Under TD Passes for Matt: 16.5
  • Over/Under Total TD’s for Forsett: 6.5
  • Over/Under Receiving Yards for Housh: 850
  • Over/Under Receptions for Housh: 79.5
  • Over/Under Receiving TD’s for Housh: 6
  • Over/Under Receptions for Carlson: 60.5
  • Over/Under QB Starts for Whitehurst: 0.5
There are some pretty attractive bets in there. Whitehurst just needs to start 1 game? I’d take the Leon Washington one over all of them.
Which stand out to you?