SEAHAWKS/BRONCOS PREVIEW PART I: What A Seahawks Loss Might Look Like

On any given Sunday in the NFL, any team can rise up and beat the other. When time allows, I will look at both how Seahawks loss and Seahawks win might play out in the upcoming game. Let’s start by exploring a potential loss.

Any road game is hard to win, let alone one in Denver’s Invesco Field. Passionate fans will be all the more energized by the fact that this game is the home opener. The altitude always is a factor, especially as the game wears on. Kyle Orton is the Broncos most dangerous weapon (I can’t believe I just wrote that). He is a reliable NFL QB who will not be easily rattled. He has an annoying tendency to win games, regardless of his talent level. Any Seahawks loss likely involves Orton throwing for over 250 yards and leading the offense to at least 15 points.

The Broncos defense has a couple of veteran playmakers in Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins. Any miscommunication between Matt and his new receivers could lead to critical turnovers. Losing the turnover battle on the road almost always ensures defeat. Last year, and through the first game this season, the Broncos give up a lot of yards on the ground. The Seahawks are struggling in that phase of their game more than any other. Giving the Broncos defense the rare experience of 2nd or 3rd and long could lead to increased pressure and confidence.

Special teams play is often decided by which team has the most energy. The home opener will give the Broncos plenty of oomph, and any special teams scores or turnovers could be the difference between a win and loss.

A reshuffled offensive line could lead to more false starts and penalties on the road. Likewise, the Seahawks defense won’t have the home crowd making it hard on their opponent.

The likelihood of all these things is up to you to decide. Should the Seahawks lose, I’d expect the storyline to include at least some of these items.