Seahawks 2017 Season Preview Part IV: Predictions

Vegas Odds

The Patriots and Packers were the favorites to win the Super Bowl last year at 7/1 odds, with the Seahawks (8/1) falling right behind them. The same three teams start the season occupying the top three spots with New England standing alone at 7/2 odds and the Packers and Seahawks tied for second with 10/1 odds to win it all. Seattle and Green Bay also share 5/1 odds to win the NFC. These two teams start the season facing off in Lambeau Field, with the Packers enjoying a 3 point edge.

Reader Predictions

Last year, readers predicated a 13-3 finish for the Seahawks, with losses at Arizona, Green Bay, and New England. Will your combined wisdom be more accurate this time around?

My Seahawks Predictions

I really, really, really, wanted to predict 13 or 14 wins, but I talked myself out of it.

27 Prop Predictions

Mina Kimes of ESPN, and Danny Kelly of The Ringer joined me for a little fun earlier. Here are the results.

The full prediction show video


2017 Seahawks Season Preview

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