You Can’t Break What’s Already Broken

A quick comment or two on this weekends events before I lock myself in a room to write my season preview for the next six hours. 

I understand why fans are confused and frustrated by the series of events that happened Saturday and Sunday. Throw in the Josh Wilson trade, and many fans feel like we are a worse team today than we were before those moves were made. Other fans expressed frustration that our front office appeared clumsy in making moves like cutting Housh so late, and may have gained more in return if they had done it sooner.
As I wrote last week, there are very few untouchable players on the Seahawks. Earl Thomas, Russell Okung and Golden Tate are the only three that should be sacred, and even Tate is debatable. This has been a horrible football team for two years. Not average. Horrible. Worse yet, it’s been an OLD and horrible team. Keeping that in mind, almost none of these moves matter. 
Would Josh Wilson, Kevin Vickerson and/or Housh make the Seahawks a Super Bowl contender this year? What about next year?  Those guys are seat warmers for the guys that really matter. We clearly have a coach and front office that prefers to rip the band-aid off than peel it back slowly. So be it. 
I also wouldn’t forget that Vickerson and Housh had potential to be trouble off the field as well. Vickerson was the guy that nearly pulled Mike Gibson’s head off in practice and needed Hasselbeck to get involved. He reportedly had similar challenges in Tennessee. Housh doesn’t do the role player thing. 
New players means new possibilities. Veteran players mean young players aren’t playing. Bottom line: don’t judge the meal before it’s done cooking.