What is Deion Branch Worth?

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As you probably have seen by now, rumors abound that Deion Branch may be headed back to the Patriots in a trade. Most articles are in agreement that talks are just beginning, so nothing is imminent. The deal makes a ton of sense for both teams. Tom Brady raved to Matt Hasselbeck about Branch after the infamous Tim Ruskell deal was completed. Quick aside, Ruskell’s quote about the trade was unintentionally self-deprecating:

“[Deion] is a known commodity,” Ruskell said. “The first round can be a crap shoot, from top to bottom.”

Oh Timmay, we all know how hard those first-round picks were for you. Rest easy. That is no longer your burden, or Seahawks fan’s. You couldn’t even use your 1st round picks effectively in trades. The Pats had no trouble turning your discarded pick into Pro Bowl Safety Brandon Meriweather. But, I digress…

I first heard about the possibility of a new Seahawks trade from the @seahawkaddicts Twitter account. Nice job scooping the official press. Power to the Bloggers!! Eric Williams broke the news that Branch was the player involved this morning, and we’ve been having fun going back-and-forth with fans on Twitter about fair value for Branch ever since. SeahawkAddicts.com shares my belief that we’d be lucky to get more than a 6th round pick. @kraigeous things Branch is more valuable to the Seahawks on the field than adding a 6th or 7th round pick for him. I am curious what the rest of you think.

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