[email protected] PREVIEW PART I: What A Seahawks Loss Might Look Like

Each week I attempt to look at both sides of the upcoming game. Let’s take a look at what a Seahawks loss might look like.

Alex Smith will once-again be fighting for his professional life. He is a better QB than Troy Smith, but may not be  better at winning games. It is not hard to imagine Smith playing his best game in the team’s biggest game against the team beat him down in the season opener. The Seahawks will, at the very least, get Smith’s best effort.

The beneficiary of Smith’s efforts is likely Vernon Davis. Davis remains a major headache for any opposing defense, and the Seahawks have no answer for him if he and Smith can find a rhythm.

The 49ers, as a team, will be completely focused on this game. This is literally their last chance. That can lead to fast starts and plays not yet seen on film. Nobody denies the 49ers have talent, especially on defense, but any win for them will require an abnormal amount passion/energy and likely getting off to a fast start.

Both of the Seahawks wide receivers are questionable for Sunday. The 49ers aren’t great at anything, but they are pretty darn good at stopping the run. Their 3.6 YPC against ranks 3rd in the NFL. Starting nose tackle, Aubrayo Franklin,   is a key factor in how that line plays and is questionable for Sunday. His availability will be a key factor in the outcome. The Seahawks will need some form of effective running game if both starting wideouts are on the sidelines. That becomes much less likely if Franklin plays.

This is a game where onsides kicks, fake punts/FGs, and a variety of other rare sightings could make an appearance. The 49ers will come out and play far better then their 4-8 record. The Seahawks have trouble beating teams on the road, but very rarely beat home teams that play well. Anything close to the defense and effort we witnessed the last two weeks from the Seahawks, and the 49ers win.

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