Hawk Blogger Podcast: Special Guest, ESPN’s Mike Salk

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The NFL and Seahawks news is mostly manufactured right now, so I’ve decided to take a different path toward providing you all some worthwhile content. Mike Salk co-hosts 710 ESPN Radio’s Brock and Salk show each weekday morning with local hero Brock Huard. Salk has helped to shake Seattle sports radio from its middling daze with provocative opinions delivered with the assertiveness of someone who grew up in the Northeast, as he did.  The juxtaposition between Salk and the kinder, gentler Huard has made for some of the most entertaining sports radio I’ve listened to in the 15 years I’ve lived in Seattle.

I don’t always agree with Salk, and it was one of those clashes that initially led to my interaction with him. Salk has been asked to take on a national Saturday night slot for ESPN, and fills in regularly for Doug Gottlieb. He may only be in Seattle for a few more years, so it was my pleasure to spend 20+ minutes talking about what it’s like to do his job, his views on Pete Carroll, and whether he believes bloggers are good or bad . If you don’t already, I strongly recommend a follow for Salk on Twitter.

Take a listen, and let us know what you think.

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