Seahawks Blogger Podcast: Field Gulls, DKSB and Hawk Blogger Unite!

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It’s an age-old formula. The Bulls had Jordan, Pippen and Grant. The Celtics had Garnett, Allen and Pierce. The Heat had…well…it mostly works. We have gathered three Seahawks bloggers to form the most fantastic Seahawks Blogger Roundtable podcast of all-time! Behold, as Johnny Peel of the famous Dave Krieg’s Strike Beard blog joins Danny Kelly of Field Gulls and your very own Hawk Blogger to talk all things Seahawks for 60+ juicy minutes.

The boys and I talked about where our love of the team started and how our blogs came to be, before jumping into the QB position, free agency, and the CBA. By the end, we had talked about just about every part of the team, and still have weeks of content left to cover later.

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Take a listen, and let us know what you think.

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