#1 Seahawks Blog – THANKS!

There is Sun shining on a dog’s ass somewhere. The devil is looking for a Winter coat. The Seahawks have won a Super Bowl. Well…not all of the unlikeliest things have happened. According to Joe Sousa, of UltimateSeahawksFan.com, this little one-man Seahawks blogging band is the best one on the InterWeb.

Top 1 Sounds Better!

Sousa has been running a poll for a couple weeks, asking people to vote for their favorite Seahawks blogs. A thousand votes later, Hawk Blogger finished third. Sousa counted the public poll as only one input into his selection process. He looked at social media presence, update frequency, amount of writers, quality of writing, and bunch of other things you can read about on his blog. Whatever formula he used was brilliant.

Seahawks fans are lucky to have such a vibrant blogging community. Fieldgulls.com is under new management this year, and Danny Kelly has done a wonderful job is adding great writing talent to the staff. Johnny Peel, over at davekriegsstrikebeard.blogspot.com, is an impossibly passionate fan who blends unbending optimism with the swearing necessary to cope with Seahawks fandom. There are many others. If you don’t already follow twitter.com/30acrefortress, twitter.com/scottenyeart, twitter.com/jacsonbevens, twitter.com/robstaton, you should!

Enough grandstanding. I should be writing about the fascinating match-ups I’m looking forward to watching on Sunday. Today was a good day to be a blogger, though, and I owe much of that to all of you that take the time to read my posts. Thank you!