KJR950AM sports radio host Dave “Softy” Mahler and I recorded our weekly conversation about the Seahawks.

Lots of discussion about the Browns game, the lack of focus on the run, Charlie Whitehurst, the impact of Thurmond’s injury, and why I believe this team could still win 10 games.

Tell me what you think. Tell me what you’d like us to cover in the future. Hope you like it!

**Listen to the Podcast**

2 Responses

  1. FWBrodie

    Gotta say, this podcast has quickly become must-listen material for me. Something about this format brings out a side of Softy that you don't hear on the radio. Your combination of level-headed analysis and statistical research from the fan perspective seems to allow him the freedom to express more of his true opinions as opposed to fending off extremist callers, protecting colleagues from the Seahawk organization, or deferring to Hugh Millen. You guys make a good combo. Sort of a meeting of the radio and blog worlds that we don't normally experience.