Sports Radio KJR host Dave “Softy” Mahler and I recorded our weekly conversation about the Seahawks.

We went toe-to-toe about how the media has handled Pete Carroll, and why I’m sick of the snarky attitudes. We also touched on the team’s progress through the middle of the year, and why the 49ers don’t scare me at all.

Tell me what you think. Tell me what you’d like us to cover in the future. Hope you like it!

**Listen to the Podcast**

11 Responses

  1. Phil

    If you could get the jersey of any current Seahawks player, who would it be?

  2. Kip Earlywine

    Hey, Kip Earlywine here from Seahawks Draft Blog and 17power. I just wanted to say thank you for a lot of the thoughts you gave on Pete Carroll in that radio bit. I agree completely, and I find it remarkable that some people are incapable of looking past a 2-6 record and seeing the highly impressive number of unearthed talents this team has come up with in the last 22 months.

    Its ok though, because I don't think it will be too long before those efforts will translate in the win column. I've said this elsewhere, but Seattle's 2011 season has some strong parallels with Green Bay's 2008: a team that went 6-10 but played tough and had a lot of talent. Seattle does not have its own young Aaron Rodgers, but once they find him, they will be in business. I agree that with a top flight quarterback this team could be very good in a relatively short time frame.

  3. hawkblogger

    Hey Kip,

    Thanks for the comment. I'm pretty lucky to get a chance to share my thoughts with Softy instead of just carrying around that frustration with no real outlet. Thanks for your work on SDB and 17Power. Good stuff!


  4. Peter

    Regarding the 1st rounder comment. Isn't targeting a upancomer ala Hawks Hasselbeck trade, Packers Favre trade, or Texans Schaub trade another viable option? Or is that guy just not out there?

  5. Peter

    So, if they signed Flynn to a multiyear deal and said He is the future QB, you would turn on Carroll, like you said. Just seeing how serious you are about your statement and I like your perspective.

  6. hawkblogger

    I would be extremely skeptical, and would expect results in Flynn's first year. I try not to "turn" on the team, but I would likely be selling instead of buying their future.

    History shows drafting a QB in the first round is the best way to find a franchise QB.

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