Taking Your Temperature: Quick Seahawks Draft Poll

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I was reading some mock drafts this morning, and found myself becoming convinced the Seahawks are most likely to trade down and add some draft picks. I’m pretty sure I know what I want them to do. I was curious what all of you are wanting them to do, and what you think they will do?

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  1. I've been playing around with a mock scenario in which the Seahawks trade down TWICE. This scenario works best if Seattle wins the coin toss with K.C. for the 11th pick in the draft.

    The Eagles and Andy Reid are likely "all in" for 2012 and right now have 11 picks in the upcoming draft – more than any team. They can easily move up several spots. An option is for Seattle moving down to #15 and picking up Philly's 3rd Round (#77). This matches up well on the NFL draft trade value chart and allows the Eagles to address their biggest need with Luke Kuechly, a perfect fit for their team who I'm not sure they can wait to fall to them at #15.

    Another team with big hopes for 2012 are the Houston Texans. Just like the Falcons last year, I can see them making a move up in the draft to add another playmaker which could put their offense over the top, and Kendall Wright from Baylor could be that guy. How about the 'Hawks trade down from their newly acquired #15 pick to Houston's #26 plus 2nd rounder (#58)? Again, it matches up well on the draft trade chart.

    Net effect? Seattle ends up with:

    1 (#26)
    2 (#43 or #44)
    2 (#58)
    3 (#75 or #76)
    3 (#77)

    Seattle can address DL, LB, RB, and maybe even QB (Tannehill?) with these picks. This is not a great draft for DE sack artists, and Seattle is drafting too high for the speedy LB's they say they want. Moving down and adding picks puts them in a better strategic position of the draft to add the pieces they need.

    That's my scenario for right now. Combine results and league activity during free agency period over coming weeks no doubt will alter strategy prior to the draft in April. Will be fun!

  2. My opinion is, a second- and a third-rounder would not be good compensation for moving from 11 to 28.

  3. I think if they move down, future picks should be the target in the mold of the trade with Denver that eventually netted ET.

  4. It is my opinion that the roster is fairly well stocked at this point. I would think it more important to concentrate on adding quality over quantity. That means picking higher in the draft. I wouldn't go so far as paying the premium to trade up, but would have little interest in moving down.

  5. I wouldn't expect much suspense at #12. Seattle will very likely draft a pass rusher.

    Rounds 2-4 are going much more dramatic. Seattle is juggling needs at RB/LB/QB in that range and it should be interesting to see which areas are addressed first.

    Seattle does not own a 5th right now and 6th and 7th rounders tend to be kind of worthless, so I think the team will really want to make those first four picks count this year.

    My best guesses:

    #12: Courtney Upshaw (alt: Ingram/Coples)
    #43: Zach Brown (alt: Kendricks)
    #76: Chris Polk (alt: Martin / Wilson / LMJ / Turbin)
    ~#107: Russell Wilson (alt: Cousins / Weeden / Harnish / Davis)

    Seattle might go RB in the 2nd then LB in the 3rd, but I feel pretty good about predicting the team will go pass rush / RB / LB / QB in rounds 1-4. They may add a 2nd QB in round 6 depending on how things go.

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