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The Seahawks own the #12 overall selection in the upcoming NFL draft. Signing Matt Flynn, Red Bryant, Jason Jones, Marshawn Lynch, Breno Giacomini, and Paul McQuistan has left the team with the luxury of picking the best player that falls to them. This series will explore some possible selections, and how they could impact the team.

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Rob Rang Profile of David DeCastro

DeCastro is regularly compared to Steve Hutchinson and Steve Wisniewski. Seahawks fans don’t need much help in understanding what a lineman of that caliber can mean to any football team. He is a dominating run blocker and an unflappable pass protector. He has the mean streak necessary to play in the trenches, and the intelligence to handle combination blocking and hand-offs during line stunts.

Nobody will ever be Walter Jones again for the Seahawks, but DeCastro could be Steve Hutchinson. He would start right away at left guard, and while his combination with Russell Okung is appealing, the more interesting combination is with future Pro Bowl center Max Unger. Robbie Tobeck was an overachieving center back in the day, but Unger can be a much better player. Not only that, but the idea of DeCastro pulling to the right side with a healthy James Carpenter could become one the NFL’s most dominating run combinations. A dominating offensive line would help whoever is playing quarterback to succeed, with more time, clearer throwing lanes, and shorter 3rd downs to convert. The running game would continue to improve and the increased time of possession would make the defense fresher and more effective. Seattle would be on its way to having the best secondary and best offensive line in the NFL.

DeCastro is not a guy who is going to become a bust. He may fall short of being a Hall of Fame lineman, but will start in the NFL for the next decade. The true worst-case scenario with DeCastro is that by using a pick on him, the Seahawks drastically increasing the odds that they will be without a Chris Clemons replacement next year, and far less likely to find an edge rusher to pair with Clemons this year. They would take this risk to add a player at a position the team already has qualified players. Paul McQuistan, Lemuel Juanpierre, John Moffitt, and even James Carpenter all have the potential to play guard at a starter level this season. The team was rushing successfully and cutting down on sacks allowed before injuries took hold. It is not clear the Seahawks really need a major upgrade at guard, and how much that upgrade would translate to tangible changes on the field. 

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  1. Do you think it'd be a better idea to draft a Tackle like Cordy Glenn and move Carpenter inside to LG. Carp is move comfortable on the left side and after his ACL tear he may not be as fast.This would be better to me that having Carp at RT while DeCastro plays R/LG.
    What do you think?

  2. Or keep Breno at RT, move Carpenter to LG, draft a backup tackle later.

    Carp had a rough enough time at RT before his ACL and I don't seem him as serviceable there until 2013.


  3. But then what happens to moffit? (goin to be an overall Better player then carpenter IMO)

  4. I like DeCastro. I don't know if he's worth taking #12 overall, but he's going to be a good player.

    While the comparisons to Hutch are understandable (in terms of draft stock), I don't think its a very good comparison on the field. Hutch is a natural left guard. DeCastro is a natural right guard. Despite being almost exactly the same size, Hutch was a lot more powerful. Hutch was such a mauler in the run game that his nickname was "Manimal." Hutch was also one of the very best guards in pass pro year in and year out- in fact he's still pretty high up there even in his mid 30s.

    I think a better comparison for DeCastro is Max Unger. Both are about the same size, and both are known as being "technician" types rather than maulers, and both are flawed in pass pro but find ways to work around those flaws and give good results. I mean this as no slam on DeCastro- according to PFF Max Unger was the 2nd best center in the NFL last season. Adding another Max Unger to this offensive line would be terrific, and Seattle does need a right guard until John Moffitt proves otherwise.

  5. kip i really enjoy your responses. i think its been settled.

    whether he is considered a technician or power guard. He is considered by many to be very good to pro bowl ready guard. That sounds like elite to me.

    If the de's are not available and trading down is not an option. I think we have to take decastro barring all the hatred by the fans.

    We draft decastro plug him in, watch him excel and trade away with a loss for either moffitt or carp. having a deep oline doesn't hurt considering how many freak injuries the oline has been going through

    Please take into consideration how long we have been waiting for the next great lg

    i like the idea of clock management offense. having a great oline can offset weaknesses in our dline for now by controlling clock and putting up points and forcing opponents to pass into our ball hawking secondary.

    i think this is what your saying. i also think john is the odd man out and worth consideration by some teams for a trade bate. at least a 5th round prospect?

    the combination that can be worked out is mouth watering. max,de-castro, and carp sounds delish

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