Pete Carroll Win Forever Workshop Tonight @ 7PM

the soccer stadium with the bright lights
We talk a lot around here about the fantastic transformation the Seahawks have gone through in the past few years. They have gone from one of the least talented, least inspiring, least intimidating teams to one of the most. Pete Carroll’s philosophies on competition have a lot to do with that. One of the best ways to fill the time between games is anticipating what might happen next. Which free agent might the team sign? Who will they draft? Who will make the roster?

Carroll foreshadows a lot of this if you pay close enough attention. If you haven’t already read his book, I highly recommend it. He does the narration if you buy an audio copy.

I’ll be at the VMAC to cover his Win Forever Event tonight, and I’d encourage all of you to watch at home via the live webcast. Seeing the coach talk in this setting should be enlightening. Applying what he says to open questions around the team will be fun, but there is also a worthwhile story in there about a guy who was kicked to the curb and pulled himself back to the top of his profession.