Seahawks Off-Day Decisions

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Players finished practice yesterday looking forward to a day off with family and friends. Fans will bemoan the lack of news. Coaches will look at the off-day as a chance to huddle and review what they have seen thus far so they can make some decisions.

Do not be surprised if the coaches and front office has seen enough to make a change here. There is a spectrum of how far they could go. On one end, they could name Flynn the starter right now. On the other end, they could make minor alterations to the amount of reps each player is getting. More likely, they will change the depth chart and the order of player rotation. It would be a nice way to ease fans, media and players into the new reality of who the starter will be. The challenge, from a PR perspective, is that Thursday is scheduled to be Flynn’s turn to take starter reps anyway. The team may choose to publicize Flynn’s move in other ways. They could simply tell the media the order has changed. They could alter the rotation pattern to give the #1 player two days in a row.

Another possibility is that they decide to increase reps for Flynn by decreasing the players involved in the competition. The coaches might decide to remove Russell Wilson from the competition. That seems unlikely since he is performing well, and is the probable back-up.

If they really wanted to surprise people, they could decide to release Tarvaris Jackson so that he had plenty of time to catch on with another team. Most are predicting they will hold onto Jackson in hopes of getting a draft choice for him, but they will be lucky to get much. The honorable thing to do would be to thank him for gutting out last season and let him choose where he ends up. Running your organization that way is worth losing out on a 6th or 7th round pick.

Or…they may not change a thing.

Fringe Players
You can count on a few transactions. Players on the outer-most fringes of the roster will be evaluated to see if there is anyone the team would rather have in. Names like CB DeShawn Snead, RB Tyrell Sutton, and OT Edawn Coughman could go so that Schneider can look to see if there is a hidden talent out there.