TUNE IN: Hawk Blogger Broadcast of Seahawks vs. Dolphins

About 400 of you seem to be willing to listen to me broadcast Seahawks games. That’s about 400 more than I expected. My observations are much less filtered, and far more R-rated, during the broadcast versus my blog.

WHERE: Go HERE and click the button next to the Seahawks vs. Dolphins game


WHY? Nonsensical and obnoxious national commentary gets old really fast. I will try to proved a more informed opinion about what you are seeing, and a chance to interact with the broadcaster.

HOW: My voice will be broadcast through your internet-connected device. You should expect some delay in my call relative to the game since it has to travel all over the place, and even TV feeds are not timed exactly in every location. There are markers that let you pause your TV, and sync up with my broadcast. For example, I will mark “Kickoff.” You can pause your TV at the kickoff, and then click PLAY when my broadcast catches up. It should be no more than 20-30 seconds.

Be aware, I will absolutely be swearing if I feel like it.

You can use this Twitter hashtag to talk to get my attention during the broadcast:  #HBTV