Permalink: Seahawks 5-Year Roster Outlook

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I got tired of looking up contracts in Google everyday, and decided to capture the state of the most crucial players on the Seahawks in the new 5-Year Roster Outlook housed in the top-right tab above. If you are on a mobile device, click the drop-down menu that likely shows “Home” and choose “5-YR Roster Outlook.”

It would have been WAAAAAAAY easier to create this in Excel or Google Docs, but I know Google Docs does not work well on iDevices, and many of you read the site on those. I built it as an HTML table, so it should display well on all browsers and screen sizes. You will likely need to view as landscape on a phone.

This should be a valuable resource for the Seahawks community. I hope you get some use out of it. I know I will!

>>>>Take a look