Final Pre-Draft Predictions

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It is two hours before the draft, and I always want to put out my predictions for which positions the team will add before the picks come in. I’m steering clear of specific names this year, but here are some thoughts on what the end result will be position-wise.

Estimated probability of how many players Seahawks will draft at each position

Expected Outcome

1 WR

1 OT
1 G/C
1 DE
1 LB
1 DT
1 CB (if a pick is added)

It is rare for the team to exit without doubling up at any position. I am on the fence about whether they will add a second DL before adding a player in the secondary. It will largely come down to who falls to them late.

I tried to give a little more color (pun partially intended) this year about where I think the areas most likely for the team to add more than one player. You can reference the chart above and come back to tell me how wrong I ended up being!

Happy draft day.

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