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NEW! Hawk Blogger Power Rankings, Now With Strength of Schedule!

Many of you have asked me to include a strength of schedule component (SOS) into my power rankings. For years, there was not a quick way for me to do that, so I punted. The rankings were still valuable, but I always have looked for a chance to incorporate what should be the final piece of the rankings puzzle. Thanks to TeamRankings.com, I finally have what I need.

Improved rankings

The basic rankings calculation will remain as it was before, but I will now add in a team’s SOS into their score. A negative SOS will drag down their team strength. A positive SOS will push it upward. As it should be. I played a bit with just how much of a factor SOS should be, and am happy with the result. And not just because Seattle jumped five spots!
A team like San Diego has had the toughest schedule in football through three weeks, and climbed #11 to #5. That feels far more appropriate given what they have accomplished.
I do not have an easy way to go back and re-calculate past power rankings with SOS factored in, so we start fresh. That is okay. We have done it before. Never let history get in the way of innovation. 

Old formula

I have included this week’s rankings using the old formula for comparison. I think you will agree the rankings above are a better product.

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