Seahawks Future Is NFL History

They did it. They won the Super Bowl. I felt the confetti. I touched the trophy. But a funny feeling came over me as I left MetLife stadium. After a lifetime of pining for that championship feeling, I wondered if I could ever love the game the same way I had before reaching the sports pinnacle moment. I felt satiated. There were no more opponents to analyze, no more obstacles to overcome. The team could repeat, but there would never be a first time ever again. As new Seahawks fans were popping up around the world, drawn by the glow of a winner, I was wondering if my 30+ year love affair had lost its passion. A day passed. And then another day. And then a month. And then two. Until this moment. Opening day of a new season. I will step into a stadium where tears flowed the last time I occupied my seats for a game that mattered. Tears may flow again as I celebrate our ascendency with all of you when that banner is unveiled. It will be the moment when our past is cemented in NFL history, and we embark once again on a quest that can only be completed by brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, moms and dads. We are a family that has a reunion each week for six months. We lift each other. We lift our team. We lift our city. The time between the banner reveal and kickoff will bridge us from past to present. This Seahawks team will set out to own the future. One championship is not enough. Dream bigger. Two championships is not enough. Dream bigger. Let the rest of the league talk about history holding us back. We will be busy making it. Find your fellow Seahawks fan today. Shake their hand. Give them a hug. Listen to their story. The Seahawks franchise is not 38 years old. It is newly born. Congratulations to all of you as we celebrate what once was, and what is about to be. Go Hawks.

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