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Divisional Playoff Podcast with Softy

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Seattle ran over the Detroit Lions in the first week of the playoffs. Few saw that coming. Now they face off against the best offense in the NFL. Nobody expects them to win. I do. Let’s talk about it.



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  1. As Holmgren said Health is biggest factor period ! U cant win when teams best unit (LOB) suffers 2+ injuries (we lost sb49 when Lane exited after bad decision to not take knee down, Kam, Sherm & ET3 played on with IR type injuries & losing avril in q4 was final straw). Likewise we lost to falcons when shead & lane joined ET3 in casualty dept.

    U also cant win when teams weakest unit (OL) suffers 1+ injuries (we were doomed when Ifedi went off, & our rookie Rees struggled). This created PO high record 20+ pressures on Russ, even Peyton, Montana, Rodgers, Brady would lose.

    U cant win when seasons main FA = bust (Carey W in 201015 & JWebb in 2016). We won when our main FA was good (M Bennett in 2013).

    In hindset, Brian Nemhauser has been proven correct. U cant win when u pay any unit (OL) less than half what NFLs 31st (giants OL) unit got paid. This meant no reserve depth to cover in game injuries (Ifedi).

    U cant win when most crucial role (QB) is hurt. Our Russ is true brave heart. His injuries would have knocked all other QBs (except Favre) out for 3-4 wks (ankle) + 5-6 weeks (knee) + 1-2 wks (Pec) = 9-12 wks. I am a Dr, so u can trust me, Inflammation & other symptoms from those injuries would have been huge. He defied all medical conventions to not miss a single game. Even in the PO’s he was more than 20% unhealthy. Even 1% less makes a difference in the PO’s.

    Team needs to stop the tantrums, (Sherm) & come together as a true brotherhood, which could lead them to win 3 further SB’s in 5 yrs (maybe even 3peat).

    Pats do well as there two best players Gronk & Brady take less pay than they should, which means more left to spend on OL, which means more TD’s for both, which means more money from other sources, which means they earn much more than they would have if they had demanded huge contract pay.

    C’mon Russ, Jimmy, Kearse, Doug, take a pay cut to earn more after a stud OLer is signed via FA.

    C’mon Kam, Avril, et al, a small pay cut, will lead to more depth, which means less injuries & longer careers for all.

    If we had stayed healthy we would have win SB51 (&SB49 JL, KC, RS, ET3, Avril = IR type injuries ) & SB50 (Rawls, MLynch = IR)

    I wonder if it was a calculated gamble by PC & JS, to suffer a risky season, in order to keep Big Pay Players for SB 52, 53, 54 runs. The OL will be much better next year due to the huge leap from going to Rookie to 2nd/3rd yr pro. They have exceeded 12 expectations by turning Britt into pro-bowl calibre C, but failed with JWebb. Imagine if that money could have bought us a decent DB (who could have covered Sheads absence at Falcons ? or a decent G to cover Ifedis absence?).

    U also cant win when players (KPL) make huge mistakes (penalty which negated Hesters great run. The key turning point of the game.

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