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Doug Baldwin and Michael Bennett were on CNN talking about the controversy around the anthem protests and the work they are doing to improve race relations with the police force. We discuss what we saw and our feelings. The Seahawks are off to a disappointing start. Jeff Simmons, Brian Nemhauser, and Nathan Ernst discuss where they are versus where they need to be. They also welcome HB Patrons onto the show for Q & A.

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2 Responses

  1. JimQ

    “Kneeling”, is defined as:
    ”The act of kneeling, when performed in front of a person, is often done as a sign of RESPECT, HUMILITY or SUPPLICATION. It has a similar significance when performed in front of religious objects, such as an altar or shrine.””

    When did this word get changed into being such a negative meaning????

  2. kerry

    Brainwashed? The anthem is a poorly executed form of propaganda that has been amazingly effective. Bring on the flag pin patriots to confuse everything. An overlapping group are the closet racist. What would football be like without those groups?