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Former NFL agent Joel Corry joins the show to talk Seahawks trade options, as well as the potential salary cap implications of adding a guy like Malik McDowell back to the active roster.

The HB crew then has a roundtable discussing the recent Giants win, the play of Ethan Pocic, the Dion Jordan news, and what to expect in this game against Houston this Sunday.


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3 Responses

  1. Rowdy Yates

    Sorry to be off topic, Brian, but just read how Alex Collins is tearing it up in Baltimore, and it knocks me for a loop. Sure seems like the coaching staff has shortcomings when it comes to evaluating
    pre season and practice samples of its roster.

    Some examples: Pocic not starting, Glow starting, and ineffective, expensive Lacy starting over young, durable, affordable Collins. Plus, J. Lane starting over Shaquille G.. Miscalculations like this, really injure the team. I understand that Baltimore has a different O.L., which is to say a better one, but this is the second starting RB the Ravens have poached from us off waivers in the PC era. Also, KC has a starting RB they claimed off Seahawk waivers a few years ago. (I forget his name at the moment, Spencer Something, I think). Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed that Rawls regains his former skills, and does not get re-injured, because Rawls is all the Hawks have to run this run-first team.

    I mean, what’s the good of drafting talent, if they keep making
    basic errors in evaluating that talent?

  2. Rowdy Yates

    I just read your twitter, Brian. And I agree with your points: Alex Collins rarely evidenced any special talent in Seattle’s preseason games.

    A difficult job, evaluating football talent, as it often takes a year or two for players to make the adjustment from college to the NFL . Evaluating talent correctly, therefore, requires an eye for potential.

    Speaking of which, I’m hoping A. Darboh over K. Williams was the right call. I think it was. And in fairness, with 53 decisions, I’m sure it’s hard to nail them all. For example, other front offices of other franchises seem to have whiffed on Coleman and Brandon Jackson.

    Good luck, Alex. Glad you get to play somewhere. Keep up the Irish dancing, and mind the Guinness, lad.

    Go Hawks.