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Real Hawk Talk Episode 29 – Let’s Talk NFL Draft!

Named Best Podcast in Western Washington by King5!

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The fellas are back to talk NFL Draft. Let’s get after it!

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  1. I’m not a podcast guy, I prefer reading. But I’m glad we can take your picture off of milk cartons.

  2. Hmmmmm….as a patreon subscriber I wonder why didn’t get advance notice last night of this. Would have been fun to listen/watch the angst-fest live. Oh well……

    So here we are about 7 hours ahead of the draft start with all the anticipation and questions just boiling over. Hopefully there won’t be too much disappointment in Seahawkville later tonight. Well, except for the possibility that today’s hot take comes true. Supposedly the trade with Dallas for Thomas is only held up by the agreement for a future contract value. Maybe Jerry’s ploy of pulling out that he pulled the other day was aimed more at Earl’s agent than JS. Anyway, the story is that the going price to Seattle is merely the #50 pick……………IF contract terms can be settled. Whew………………………..the apoplexy will be huge! How could they give away such a star for so little? (as if what they got for Sherm wasn’t worse?) My question to any that would feel that way is; How long was the line of viable suitors out in front of the VMAC with competing offers? If that’s the best offer then that tells you just where the market is……………..not wishful thinking. Yeah, I think it’s pretty cheap too……………..but the store has been open for quite awhile and the number of customers wasn’t overwhelming. The old adage about “willing seller, willing buyer” determining actual market value exists for a reason.

    But again, that’s all speculation at this point. Thankfully tonight will bring some level of clarity if not joy.

    1. Hey bob,

      I alerted the private patron Facebook group about it. And folks on Twitter. Sorry I missed you. Tough to find time to do all the promotion.

      1. Thanks Brian, not a big problem, understand that you’ve got a life beside here.

    2. Bucs just picked up two seconds from the Bills…………might just be what they can use to grab Earl………… to tell Jerry to suck it up………

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