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Real Hawk Talk Episode 39 – Heated Debate About the State of the Seahawks

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After a frustrating Monday night loss to the Chicago Bears, Brian Nemhauser, Jeff Simmons, Nathan Ernst, and Evan Hill get together to break down the ugly start to the Seattle Seahawks season. Who’s to blame? What’s up with Pete Carroll? Why is Russell Wilson performing so poorly? What the heck is going on with Chris Carson? And the crew gets ready for the Week 3 matchup with Dallas.

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  1. The “State of the Seahawks” has devolved into the state of Pete Carroll. Not so long ago Pete ushered in a breath of fresh air. Or so it seemed. Now, however, “always compete” and the stated aim of putting players in a position to succeed, instead of making them adapt to a rigid philosophy has proven to be an hypocrisy.

    Personally, I no longer read the transcripts of Pete’s press conferences. If I were invited to attend one of his team meetings, I would borrow a book from Michael Bennett. If Bennett were still here.

    What a shame it fell out this way. A shame for Pete, the players and all the 12’s.

  2. Wow! Didn’t get the notice for real time but probably just as well since fan depression is running rampant. Nathan the comparative optimist? Jeff pegging the negative meter? Evan…….well, he’s still Evan. And Brian inching up to the angry podium. So I’ve processed all this before commentary.

    First off, even though like nearly everyone who hangs here I started in work history at the bottom, I put most of the responsibility of enterprise success on management. Probably because I progressed to starting and running my own business where I was completely responsible for product/service quality, team building and morale, and customer satisfaction. If I didn’t orchestrate each facet properly/well the outcome wasn’t as ideal as desired. With that perspective, while I recognize the value of individual talent, I believe more in the power of the whole over the individual. So while some fans give all glory to St. Earl of Thomas, or are souring on RW, PC, JS, the O-line, and on and on, I’d put the majority of the fault on the entire coaching staff as they are directly responsible for the product we consume. So, in a way, I’m zeroing in on PC since that’s his department. The caveat, of course, is, he’s the employment choice of a higher up as well. At this juncture, albeit early in the season with only two games down, there’s plenty of failure to go around.

    For anyone interested in a fine example of performance analysis I would suggest the You Tube channel of Brett Kollmann, a piece posted within the past day referring to RW as a piñata. He backs up his observations with video and specific player references in a way that most national analysts must not be able to. In brief, of the 12 sacks allowed so far he only puts 3 directly on O-Line performance. He puts 3 directly on RW (though he might have been lenient by one) and the rest to poor coaching for the Hawks or superior scheming by the opponent, though to me that’s sort of two sides of the same coin. He’s hopeful that the line will jell in time (a theme I’ve advocated so I’m sympathetic) and that RW is in some kind of funk (my term not his). We’ll see.

    It’s Saturday morning so all the buzz is about what might be behind St. Earl not practicing. A couple weeks ago when the rumors circulated about the Boys upping their ante to a second rounder and then the media bailing because nothing happened in short order, the news was effectively discarded. My stated belief at the time was there was an under the table deal to send St. Earl off with the Jones tomorrow night. Looks like I’ve got a lot of company on that crazy notion today. The overly avid fans of St. Earl will continue their demand that only a first round + will do, even though the people who actually own those picks don’t agree. Hey, it’s easy to spend the value of others when you don’t have to back up your talk. Likewise they’ll blame every loss for the rest of the season on the absence of St. Earl……………………..sigh, it’s about team, scheme, not meme. Yes, he’s a terrific talent, and it’s been a wonder to have him on our team and enjoy the talent and passion he brings to his assignment. But he’s now burned that bridge, it’s time to move on. Will he get the value he perceives he should in the future elsewhere? Not likely (except for geographical preference) as he’s negotiated poorly and self limited his options. He could end up an interesting case study in how NOT to negotiate for a favorable outcome.

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