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Real Hawk Talk Episode 44: Previewing Seahawks vs Chargers with Special Guest Eric Williams of ESPN

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he fellas are back to talk about the big win over the Lions, and the even bigger matchup against the 5-2 Los Angeles Chargers. Pete Carroll vs Gus Bradley. Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson. Who is DJ Fluker going to pancake this week, and how will you feel if it is old friend Brandon Mebane?

Special Guest Eric Williams, who covers the Chargers for ESPN, will join the show to give us the inside scoops.

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  1. There is no Penny problem. He is being “saved”.

    I would not be surprised to see him get snaps this game and do well, and on the turnaround from the Rams game to Thursday Night vs the Packers, he is going to get some touches, and I believe he will show really well.

  2. The pod guys seem more interested in twitter commentary, so we antiquated blog responders get to talk among ourselves.

    I’m with Doug on the Penny thing. He did get a slow start on his pro career, and despite Bryan’s cynicism expecting full go from day one, getting used to pro ball speed vs. college is significant at varying rates for each individual. As of today (Friday) we’re hearing that Carson may have a groin issue that will keep him out of Sunday’s game. Injury misses is consistent with his entire football career. As much as we’re excited when he plays very well, we shouldn’t forget his iffy reliability for a full season of performance. Along with the due criticism of Cable for questionable coaching of the O-line talent, it’s my belief that he’s the one primarily responsible for the premature give up on Alex Collins. How’d that turn out? Let’s not rush to make possibly the same mistake with Penny. If any believe like Bryan that he’s only worth a fourth, then stop thinking of him as a wasted first (as painful as that might be, hell, I wanted them to take Vander Esch instead), accept and measure him as a fourth since we’re “stuck” with him. He might still prove very valuable.

    I too am concerned that at some point this season the secondary will get decimated. Except for McD they all have high probability suspicions. I think T2 is getting over criticized because he’s not Earl, and Griffen does look a little off, Coleman needs help tackling, and Flowers lacks experience. All that’s known, yet no team has been able to really exploit any of them for a whole game, at best there have been a few “missed” plays. But I saw something during the Detroit game that gave me a lift regarding them as a unit. It was on a play that might have been a fumble but the zebras claim they blew it dead. The entire secondary squad ran down the right side of the field with the possible turnover recovered ball, heading for the end zone, lateraling the ball back and forth between them, laughing and running together. Two things, at least, that were evident. One, they were having fun as a team. Two they were working together, almost instinctively. A subtle but real example of team and scheme over individual talent. Let’s see how they do against a formidable foe like Rivers….

    1. Hey You Forgot Your “Ball for Paul” at the end of Your Comment, Hope You Don’t Mind but I Have Been Using it in My Seahawk Group , I think it’s Every One should Pick it up and Use it for the Rest of the Year!

      1. I’m old, that’s my excuse, and I’m stickin’ with it. 🙂
        Thanks for the heads up. This is the first home game since his passing, and I read this morning that several of the buildings in town will be lit up in blue in his honor. I think these two teams are closely matched so this might be our edge. Thanks for the nod.

        Ball for Paul (better late than never)

    2. I wish I had the time to comment everywhere. Have to prioritize. Best place to find me is our private HB Patron Facebook group or Twitter. Always appreciate your comments Bob.

      1. I owe you two apologies Brian. First my comment was more a blunt statement than a criticism, I’m not especially diplomatic….Just ask my bride. You provide this forum we choose to participate in, much appreciated.

        Second, I notice I misspelled your name more than once. I’ve got a lame excuse, but who wants to hear that. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

  3. Really frustrating the video and audio aren’t synced, makes this so hard to watch. Is there a way to fix that in the future? Thanks.

    1. That’s surprising Joel. Have you tried directly on YouTube? Otherwise, maybe listening via SoundCloud would be less frustrating. Has this happened before?

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