Real Hawk Talk Episode 47: How did the Seahawks do that?

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The Seahawks pulled off a completely improbable win in Carolina. How did they do it? Are they poised for a playoff spot? Was that the best game of Russell Wilson’s season? The Hawk Blogger crew breaks down Seattle’s stunning Week 12 victory and gets ready for Week 13 vs. Richard Sherman and the 49ers.

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  1. It took me two days to finally hear everything and another day to come to terms with what has been said about Pete Carroll. It was not easy.

    I usually enjoy the passionate views here. I have been a Seahawks fan since 1979 and it is still fun to hear knowledgeable fans expressing their views. That is…until today.

    I was not on board with the “PC era is over” after the first two games of the season but I could understand the frustration. I wanted to see the process unfold before pulling the plug.

    Now, with this ragtag and gutted roster, the Seahawks are on their way to a 10-11 wins season and pretty much secured a playoff spot. They did so much better than you guys ever gave them credit for 2 months ago. You all say you love this team more than any of the star studded teams of the past years. They have an identity. They never stop fighting. They are young, scrappy, happy and fun and they win games this roster has no business winning.

    Sorry Evan, if that doesn’t put Pete Carroll on the list for HC of the year in your eyes, you have made up your mind and will not let the facts bother you. Everything this is is the manifestation of Carroll’s philosophy and you just choose to ignore it so you do not have to get another tattoo for being so determined in your opinions when you are dead wrong.

    It was sad and painful to hear.

    There is a common misconception that this new age modern pass heavy NFL with it’s young innovative offenses is the way to go and anybody who takes a different road it a fool. It is so cool to pick those great young coaches and demand we get one. The facts are that in this modern NFL of the past 10 years, most of those innovative failed as head coaches (Chip Kelly for HC?). All the names you are offering with a shine in your eyes never won a SB. Most never got to the SB. PC got their twice in the past 5 years he won one. it was not in 1990…it was 5 SBs ago.

    He is building another contender playing his vision of what a SB contender should be and I for one cant wait to see this team in the next year or two.

    This podcast should have been brimming with excitement. Instead it was….sad.

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